Dudley Memorial Chapel

Past Sermons

Rev. Barbara Morgan was our Minister from February 1, 1998 to January 30, 2000. She has since moved on, but we have archived her words spoken during her stay here

"Half the Deed Done" 01-30-00

"The Neutral Zone" 01-16-00

"Nothing Left To Hold On To" 01-09-00

"Y2K Jitters and Joy" 12-26-99

"Covenant" 11-07-99

"UU Ghosts Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton" 10-24-99

"Unitarian Universalist Ghosts Abner Kneeland" 10/17/99

"As If It Will Matter Reflections on Shootings and Civility" 10-10-99

"Beginning Again In Love" 09-19-99

"Loyalty is the Message" 08-15-99

"Toads Do It in the Water" 07-18-99

"And It Was Very Good" 06-13-99

"What is Prayer?" 05-30-99

"The Spirituality Wheel" 05-16-99

"Building Our Home" 04-25-99

"Giving Life the Shape of Justice"

Resurrection: Event of Symbol? 04-04-99

"Lopsided Justice" 03-14-99

"All Creatures, Embracing Earth" 03-07-99

"Promises, Promises" 02-21-99

"I Love, Therefore I Am" 02-14-99

"Milestones" 01-03-99

"Fifty Years-But Who's Counting" 12-06-98

"The Gratuitousness of Absolutely Everything" 11-22-98

"Fulfilling the Promise" 11-15-98

"Day of the Dead" 11-1-98

"Our Unitarian Universalist Ghosts - John Murray" 10-18-98

"Our Unitarian Universalist Ghosts - Margaret Fuller" 10-4-98

"We Begin Again in Love" 9-27-98

"Inflows and Outflows" 9-13-98

"Journey and Transformation - Heaven" 8-30-98

"Journey and Transformation - Purgatory" 8-23-98

"Journey and Transformation - Hell" 8-16-98

"Journey and Transformation" 8-9-98

"Fruition and Harvest" 8-2-98

"Fulfilling the Promise" 7-12-98

"Pillar of Fire" and "Clinging Like Fire" 7-5-98

"Honoring the Masculine" 6-21-98

"Honoring the Feminine" 6-14-98

"Coming Into the Presence" 5-31-98

"Reach For Justice, Change Lives" 5-17-98

"Living and Giving for Community" 5-3-98

"There Are No Other Everglades In The World" 4-19-98

"Dreams Eternal" 4-12-98

"Soon the Day Will Arrive" 3-29-98

"Whatever is Unsure is Possible" 3-22-98

"Words of Harm - Words of Hope" 3-8-98

By Whose Values" 2-22-98

"Walking Our Talk" - 2/15/98

"What is Spiritual Growth?" - 2/1/98